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Nigerian Learning Passport

Nigeria Learning Passport is an online e-learning platform with mobile and offline capability that enable continuous access to quality education. It is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing states to easily and quickly adopt the platform as their learning management systems or use it to complement existing digital learning efforts.

The platform has been developed with a unique suite of online and offline functions that cater for deployment in places with poor connectivity – often locations where children find themselves unable to access quality digital education, tools and content.The platform serves national curriculum content as well as global supplementary resources - Open Educational Resources (OERs) - to support learners and improve learning outcomes.

The Learning Model

Nigeria Learning Passport is also an 'education model' for early childhood education, primary & secondary education, adolescent skills, and technical & vocational education. Every user has a personalized record of their learning history which is unique to them. It is also a model for teachers and parents to receive the tools and empowerment in order to support student learning.

Resources for Preschool Learning

From working on managing their emotions to learning about letters, sounds and numbers, pre-school aged children are busy with learning every day. There are high quality resources here to support early childhood educators; lesson plans activities and games, tips and professional development courses are organized by age and learning domains; including social-emotional learning, play and creativity, early math and problem solving skills, language, literacy and communication skills.

Learning at Home

Learning happens everywhere, not just at school. Parents and caregivers can support their young children’s growth and development through activities that don’t require fancy or expensive materials. Activities like talking, singing, reading books and asking questions develop important language and early literacy skills. Noticing patterns, shapes and numbers in the everyday environment builds the foundation for later math learning. Playing with young children shows them how to solve problems, express emotions and create bonds with caring adults.

Additional Resources

Discover how the Learning Passport's Offline model is helping to bridge the digital divide.

More About Offline Learning

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