Nigeria Learning Passport

A new solution designed to close the learning poverty gap

Enabling continuous access to quality education

Content & Resources for Learners

Lessons for Learners

Self-paced modules on early literacy and math, social emotional learning, child development, and social inclusion for early childhood educators.

Assessments and Quizzes

Assessments and Quizzes for parents and educators to support early language and math, art and creativity, and social-emotional learning for children from birth-6 years old.

Tips & Guides

Informative articles, handouts, and guides for parents and early childhood educators on topics related to child development, early literacy and math, social-emotional learning and children with disabilities.

About Nigeria Learning Passport

A Platform and an Education Model.

Nigeria Learning Passport is an online e-learning platform with mobile and offline capability that enables continuous access to quality education. It is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing states to easily and quickly adopt the platform as their learning management systems or use it to complement existing digital learning efforts.

The platform has been developed with a unique suite of online and offline functions that caters for deployment in places with poor connectivity – often locations where children find themselves unable to access quality digital education, tools and content.

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Looking for ways to engage your child?

Language, Literacy & Communication

Developing language and literacy skills begins at birth through time spent interacting with caring adults, reading books, singing, talking and telling stories. As children get older, they develop language by talking and listening and hearing adults role model proper reading by listening to read-alouds.

Problem Solving & Early Math

Resources in this category help children develop positive relationships with adults and other children and how to manage and express emotions. Taking turns, learning how to share, being kind and empathetic are important skills children learn during the early years.

Social Emotional Learning

Resources in this section support the development of creativity, imagination, and physical skills like balance and fine motor skills. Parents and educators will find tips, games, and guidance on how play supports important cognitive skills as well like problem solving and expressing emotions.

Play & Creativity

Young children develop an understanding of math concepts like more and less, addition and subtraction, and size and location through everyday interactions. In this section, you will find creative tips and engaging games you can do with your young child to develop early math skills.

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Recent News

Nigeria launches the Learning Passport

The Federal Ministry of Education in partnership with UNICEF launched the Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP), an online, mobile and soon-to-be offline learning platform that will provide continuous access to quality education to 3 million learners in 2022 alone, and a total of 12 million by 2025.

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Capacity Development for 8 States on the Nigeria Learning Passport Implementation

The objective of the training was to build the capacity of the State education coordinators on the Nigeria Learning Passport and its Implementation, to orient the participants on’ Digital Learning and content production. In attendance were 80 participants from Bauchi, Enugu, Jigawa, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Nasarawa and Niger state.

Digital Content Review and Upload Workshop

31 experts who are specialists in different subject areas have converged in Abuja, Barcelona Hotel to review content acquired from 5 different local content vendors. The purpose of the review is to ascertain the quality, appropriateness, relevance, suitability and curriculum compliance of the materials before uploading into the Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP) Platform.